a$ap rocky is so ratchet, fine, and sexy. but i can never forgive him for that shit he said.

My thoughts about every mainstream black male rapper. They are so disgustingly Anti-black woman

I get so annoyed seeing him on my dash.

Saying black women are sensitive about how they look…..and his whole red lipstick remark

Like really ugh.

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How much weight have you lost? You look exactly the same since I started following you.
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forgive me father for i have sinned. if my mom wasnt my mom she could get that work i know im a wierd nigga but damn she always walking around in these little shorts and it just be jigging looking all good in the back im only human before yall judge me yall havent seen my mom she looks 25 thick in all the right places i came outta there once a nigga just tryna get back in





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Forgive me: Theres a wedding on sunday so we have some fam staying with us so i had to give up my room so i sleep in my sisters bed we're only 1 year apart so were play fighting like move over I felt that thing jiggle i started pressing up against her she was like cut it out then she started pushing it up on me she let me grab it we were flirting grabbing and all that it coulda went down but we stopped. But shes been hinting all day that she wouldn't stop me. imma do it tonight im going to hell

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Anais Mali for Vogue

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scorpio gal 💀🌸

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Tumblr crush


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thick lipped serious shawty

sleepin on me, snorin tbh

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I can never stop laughing at this

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Bo Burnham speaking the truth

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